A self-professed 'massive geek' and recognised cyber security expert, James Turgoose is an information security professional committed to the forefront of digital forensic and incident response leadership. Energetic, passionate, and charmingly nerdy, he is frequently called upon to inspire audiences of all technical backgrounds to take cyber security seriously.

James has obtained a number of the industry's most sought after qualifications, and been thanked by many of your favourite online brands for the responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities within their systems. Working alongside the nation's most prominent law enforcement agencies, he's also secured substantial sentencing through the presentation of his digital evidence in court.

So how does this motivated career intersect with his personal life?

Well, via this website, his own little corner of the internet where he frequently posts about the aforementioned, as well as regularly featuring his exploits from around the world. Jamesturgoose.com has grown substantially over the years, and has iterated through just as many versions into what you see today.

Incessantly driven to travel this incredible planet we call home, James has embraced a lifestyle of minimalism, enabling him to be never more than one packed bag away from a new experience. So far he's managed to explore in excess of 25 countries, and shows no intention of slowing down soon.

Road-tripping out of a snow-covered Reykjavik, riding the midnight express towards a canal edge of Venice, sailing the transatlantic on a solo adventure into New York, and catching the red-eye bound for an awaiting Nairobi. Looking back at these captured memories reminds James that life is short, and if you're not careful, it will pass you by before you even realise it's begun. Follow along as he documents every step of his journey. Camera in hand. Always.


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